Monday, May 16, 2011

Perfection is a Myth, and humans are for real

Perfection is a myth. It's an idea, an imagination, a thought or probably a deception that makes people compare it with reality. This imagination leads to expectations, and eventually to complaints and quarrels amongst our own selves and with others.

The truth remains that humans are no myth; they can struggle to reach perfection but it's simply not possible. That's because the idea of perfection is different for each individual.

The solution is acceptance. Trying to change someone before accepting is too much to ask, but accepting and changing leads to the real change. Humans are driven by emotions, work, environment they have been brought-up in, family background, education and little minute things in their daily lives. These variables are too dynamic and affect a little of a person's behaviour. But that doesn't judge a person as a whole.

Humans are capable of change and for better, provided they are not judged every second and they are freed of intense expectations.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Whats with this thing called Marriage?

Ok now it's getting too much of a hype about it in my personal life and I needed to pen it down to keep it going easy for me. Pheww...

I am done with my academics, I have had a good work life of 2 years. But now what...? The community that I belong to (the Marwari Community in India) believe in getting girls married once they complete their education. I thank my parents to have given me this bonus of working for two years, but now it seems my freedom is going to be going.

My kins say, I need to get married now. But I am like so mentally unprepared about it.

They keep asking me, what I want out of the guy I am looking for to marry...and I don't really have an answer...My mouth goes shut with this heavy question. And then...sometime midnight I start thinking what is it that I really want? Intelligence? smartness? character? Looks? Money? or a PACKAGE? It won't be wrong to say that Package is a thing of Bollywood, we never really get one for real.

And anyways I am no package and hence, I shouldn't really expect one. I was made to meet a guy or two and I ended up saying No. Not that those guys were not good, they were like really good, very professional, making good money, good humans (as far I could make out from those small meetings) etc etc. but the ring just didn't bell. May be, I am looking for that little kick in my intestine, the nerves of which linking to my brain would make me say Yes for that someone.

Marriage is no sport that can restart...
It's the gamble of life where you are once in, you can  never be out...
And to be in it, you got to have that real confidence, trust and assurance which is somehow missing in this unpredictable, professional World.

These Wedding bells echo in my ears...They give me sleepless nights. Can our community just RELAX??

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sports - the most rewarding form of education - after India won the ICC World Cup 2011

The new education attached with X-factor!

  The Indian cricket players, after winning the World Cup 2011 have been showered with whopping amounts of prize money which can't even be talked in 'lakhs'...All range from few crores to too many crores! And all being funded from Education Funds of Government treasure. Mr. M.S. Dhoni will be given a doctorate soon by the Ranchi Government. The time is not far when teachers will hold classes in school holding a ball as most sports revolve around kicking, catching or dribbling
the ball. And extra classes would be given on how to pose for cover pages of magazines and how to act in advertisements of bikes, cokes and gadgets. Considering the rewards attached (glamour, money and luxury), Sports is surely going to outshine all other degrees and streams of education.

Here is a cartoon I made thinking about the growing importance and the X-factor attached with sports which is surely going to attract the youth of India or may be the World. A new stream might soon be introduced called MSp (Master in Sports) same as Msc or MBA. And am sure MSp would be the best paying stream in the coming years!! 

Roshni Agarwal

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Will the movie 2012 hold true?

The movie 2012 that released last year had almost shook our bloods and forced us to think if the devastation as shown in the movie will really be something that we will see in our lives. Well, when a movie ends, the thoughts, the fear and the connected feelings fade away with time and what leaves behind are the discussions with our family and friends as to the finesse of the movie, the concept and the whole idea behind it.

This time, it were not friends who reminded us of the movie 2012 but the devastating Tsunami in North-east Japan. The earthquake ranging 8.9 on Richter scale shook the country at large leaving the whole World talking about it and discussing about what is in store for the entire globe.The tsunami that followed the quake was breath-taking. I was seeing the live coverage & felt that the boundless powers of nature can't be beaten by the insignificant humans. A house on fire was flowing away with the water and the fire was flowing along, not ready to dismiss. The view was heart-breaking and it seemed as if the world was receiving warning signals by the nature.

I just can't help but imagine the plight of the people who lost their relatives, their life-time savings, their treasures or even their lives in this calamity. Few moments ago those who were enjoying with their friends or who were working in offices were shaken with this earthquake and tsunami. Life is too unpredictable!

It's time that we start preparing ourselves for the worst that may come. It may sound a little discouraging but that's how the fact looks like. Though, its heard and read that India will be the least affected country if at all the World suffers such disasters time and again but myths, opinions, and researches may all go haywire if Nature determines to kill the World.

We humans can only wait and watch to see what comes next. I hope technology plays its part in letting us know the Nature's plans so that humans can live their dreams in whatever time they have...!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ajmal Kasab - The Great Pakistani Guest in India

Its been 2 years to the 26*11 attack on our National Pride by Pakistani invaders. They killed hundreds, burnt the rooms of Taj, blasted at the Mumbai CST, fired at Leopolds, the renowned cafe at Colaba in Mumbai, made a history in India terror attacks, led to the death of  very efficient police officers Ashok Kamte and Mumbai Police “encounter specialist” Vijay Salaskar...and still the criminals are being served as guests in India. Ajmal Kasab, who didn't hesitate to kill innocent families in Taj has become such a VIP guest of India Government that till date a sum of Rs. 50 crores have been spent on hospitality for him.

The useless Congress sitting in Delhi will keep making policies one after the other, will keep giving useless promises which even an infant knows won't ever be fulfilled but they will never act when needed. They can only keep saying, "Under a coalition framework, we can't act independently." What the hell are you saying you idiots?? We citizens have elected you to take correct decisions and not just to sit back, eat money, enjoy scandals and have MLA parties with bar dancers. Congress should know that if citizens can elect them, citizens can throw them out of their seats too. And Manmohan Singh even after crossing an age of 78 has not yet grown up enough to lead the country. Sonia Gandhi is his mom, who herself is clueless about economy, and political management. Just with the last name as Gandhi, she can't anymore win the people of India. It's time we all realize the truth and work for dissolving Congress. Economy is a far off thing for Congress, they don't even have the wisdom to decide if Kasab should die or not.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sandals – a Woman’s new best friend!!

Diamonds were known to be a woman’s best friend….and they still are. But it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Sandals, which though don’t cost as much as diamonds are quickly taking over women’s hearts as they are much easy to possess and they make you look chick and beautiful and enhances your personality. And above all, you don’t have to wait to be gifted a pair!

It is a fact undeniable that we can identify the personality of a person by their choice of shoes or sandals. Say for example, a woman who prefers high heels over casual sandals normally have a more dominant personality than the ones who prefer casual and flat sandals (P.S: High heels may also be preferred for enhancing the heights of short women, in this case this observation may not hold true).  Women who wear more of strappy sandals are more elegant and classy. In the same way, the ones who prefer more colorful sandals than a restricted choice of colors are more lively and experimenting than the latter ones who are more adamant and who are stringent followers of their rules and principles.
The sandals, which were just a matter of necessity a decade back have now become a new buzz in the fashion industry with so many patterns, colours and shapes that they make it impossible for women to put their eyes off them. The sandals come in all ranges; the students, the professionals, housewives, all may have their own collection with the prices that suit them. It’s just a myth that we can find the most comfortable sandals only in posh show-rooms; even the hawkers or road-side shops can have a collection of most fashionable + comfortable ones. The secret lies behind the choice!

 Anytime is a good time to spice up your attire or even the entire wardrobe with interesting sandals that suit your personality and give you comfort. Personally, I would suggest never buy a sandal just because one of your friends is wearing it and it looks awesome on them. It may turn awful for you only to make you regret later! Possess a sandal only when you think they will make you walk around like the real you. 

So, pick up a sandal that can add life to your attire and which can carry your precious feet as they deserve…And you are good to go!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Veiled with a smile...

The best way to hide our feelings is a broad smile....Veil your secret feelings from the unreasonables in life...