Saturday, March 12, 2011

Will the movie 2012 hold true?

The movie 2012 that released last year had almost shook our bloods and forced us to think if the devastation as shown in the movie will really be something that we will see in our lives. Well, when a movie ends, the thoughts, the fear and the connected feelings fade away with time and what leaves behind are the discussions with our family and friends as to the finesse of the movie, the concept and the whole idea behind it.

This time, it were not friends who reminded us of the movie 2012 but the devastating Tsunami in North-east Japan. The earthquake ranging 8.9 on Richter scale shook the country at large leaving the whole World talking about it and discussing about what is in store for the entire globe.The tsunami that followed the quake was breath-taking. I was seeing the live coverage & felt that the boundless powers of nature can't be beaten by the insignificant humans. A house on fire was flowing away with the water and the fire was flowing along, not ready to dismiss. The view was heart-breaking and it seemed as if the world was receiving warning signals by the nature.

I just can't help but imagine the plight of the people who lost their relatives, their life-time savings, their treasures or even their lives in this calamity. Few moments ago those who were enjoying with their friends or who were working in offices were shaken with this earthquake and tsunami. Life is too unpredictable!

It's time that we start preparing ourselves for the worst that may come. It may sound a little discouraging but that's how the fact looks like. Though, its heard and read that India will be the least affected country if at all the World suffers such disasters time and again but myths, opinions, and researches may all go haywire if Nature determines to kill the World.

We humans can only wait and watch to see what comes next. I hope technology plays its part in letting us know the Nature's plans so that humans can live their dreams in whatever time they have...!!

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