Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sports - the most rewarding form of education - after India won the ICC World Cup 2011

The new education attached with X-factor!

  The Indian cricket players, after winning the World Cup 2011 have been showered with whopping amounts of prize money which can't even be talked in 'lakhs'...All range from few crores to too many crores! And all being funded from Education Funds of Government treasure. Mr. M.S. Dhoni will be given a doctorate soon by the Ranchi Government. The time is not far when teachers will hold classes in school holding a ball as most sports revolve around kicking, catching or dribbling
the ball. And extra classes would be given on how to pose for cover pages of magazines and how to act in advertisements of bikes, cokes and gadgets. Considering the rewards attached (glamour, money and luxury), Sports is surely going to outshine all other degrees and streams of education.

Here is a cartoon I made thinking about the growing importance and the X-factor attached with sports which is surely going to attract the youth of India or may be the World. A new stream might soon be introduced called MSp (Master in Sports) same as Msc or MBA. And am sure MSp would be the best paying stream in the coming years!! 

Roshni Agarwal

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