Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Got patience??"

Well, i know i am too small a person to write about this vague, tough, spiritual, abstract and 'most-tried-but-miserably-failed by people' topic, but still, here, i m gonna put my feelings, my observations, my experiences about the most sought after thing is the world "Patience". Please excuse me if you have different lines of thoughts or if you follow the thoughts of your favorite well-known spiritual writers coz they r too high the people(and m too small before them :)). I will only pen down my real-life thoughts and observations without referring to other sources to keep it natural.
Our life is just like this truck. This truck keeps moving with its fixed speed (or the one which its driver has fixed for it) and the other vehicles behind it are kind of teased by this "Got patience??" tag..:P.  In real life, the god, destiny is our driver, our body the vehicle and we are the chasers(other vehicles) that keep trying to overtake what God (the driver) has destined for us. Our destiny and God keep teasing us with all the bumps, highs and lows, in our life to test our patience or rather which can be called 'endurance'.

Our patience is tested right from the origin of our life, when we have to take a complete form of a baby from a sperm in the mother's womb, then to come out to this world, then to grow up, then to rank high in school, college, then to get a good life-partner, then to be rich, then to have good kids, & as we know, the list goes on. That's not all, even while dying i have heard that people talk about which children should get what share of the deceased properties. Man! i feel like telling those dying people, Go and get a life! (though thats the most ironical statement one could ever make).:P..:D

After reading several books on spirituality, and understanding some of the virtues explained at The Art of Living & The Brahmakumaris, one lesson is clear to me, for real, that 'Life has its own destination'. We are just the means to get to that. Imagine, I did my graduation from commerce hon's, i worked as a content developer after that, then did my MBA in finance, then worked with one of the top banks in India and now i am back into content management just to satiate my creative desires. May be, it was destined for me??

Destiny for me is happiness and it has several roads to it, we just have to choose ours! One should take the path which they like and not the forced one. But yes, for this we got to know what are our highest interests, our best capabilities, and there is no one but us who know ourselves the best. So, there is no use listening to others when we choose our carriers. Immaterial, innocent happiness should take a precedence over material desires and then we will have open eyes, we will be natural, we will be the real us! And when we realize this, all the worry, hurry and impatience vanishes. That's coz we do not rush towards our destiny then, we just walk towards it exploring the beauty of the roads and every minute of it. It may be possible that the money, luxury in the chosen route is not that great amongst other routes, but i bet, we ll be at least happy with every bit of our life. And as i said, destiny is nothing more but pure happiness.

Once we start giving our life a chance to hold our chains, it ll start giving us our best but if we keep chasing it to win a competition, it ll tease us just as that truck by showing us a board saying "Got Patience"? But this doesn't mean that we stop putting efforts, it means to understand ourselves the best with our eyes and not others' eyes.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This one is for the sleepaholics..

A close friend said to me "People go to sleep, and you go to wake up"..Man! what the heck? Am i such a sleepaholic?

Well, i guess sleep is something that keeps reminding us that we need it until we have it completely. And that's the matter with me. I dun have it enough at a stretch and the slothful feeling, the temptation to sleep keeps whispering to me "hey girl, sleep, u need a good sleep, it ll show u dreams which will take you to the places you most wanted to go, be with people you most want to be with, have the special(est) moments of your life which you can't otherwise experience". Now tell me, who can resist such a temptation?

Woody Allen has quoted "There are two types of people in this world, good and bad. The good sleep better, but the bad seem to enjoy the waking hours much more.". Well, i think i belong to the second fraternity ,'the bad people', as i hate to sleep early and keep pleading god in the morning if he could start the mornings a lil later. :D. I relish the sweet dreams in the mornings and mostly wake up with them half- way when my alarm starts barking reminding me of the long span of 22 hours that have to be passed consciously or unconsciously to get into the same titillating dreams again.:-(

There is another way i use my sleep as; I use it as a drug! Believe me or not, i sleep when i am most depressed or when i think deeply about a dispiriting event or a conversation. When i wake up, i have the blurred memories of those. I have a new spirit to start with & a new strength to confront them. Try it guys! You will see the results too (but dun kill me later, if u get addicted to it :P). 

Stop stop!! I had not thought i would be stretching it so much that it becomes the longest post for the month, i wrote it coz even now, i am feeling sleepy (as usual). My job is great. Atleast it doesnt stop me from taking a nap, which i will do now! Ciao guys, see u later after a break..till then have a good sleep for a fresher mind..zzzzzzzzz~~~~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

At the extreme state of boredom!

What do people normally do at the extreme situations when they feel extremely about something? A situation when you are hungry and nothing eatable is reachable? A situation when you just dun feel like even uttering a word? This is what i did..wrote a short piece of shit!

M hungry, m bored
I dun have a thing to be told

The work seems dull
MY stomach null
All i want is some adventure!

Please dun kill me for writing this..I am at the extreme state of boredom now.

Monday, July 5, 2010

sunday dinner with guitar! Food, music, happiness!

This sunday was going just well..a late rise in the morning, a delicious breakfast at the IIM road with bro, a movie with close relatives, some shopping and then the......Dinner! A new restaurant called 'six strings' has come up in our locality..which badges itself to be a destination for a combination food, music, and happiness!

When i entered the restaurant, it looked like just another fastfood joint for youngsters in Ahmedabad. Not a very big space but the interiors was quite well managed. The theme of the joint revolved around rock music and guitar. On the walls hanged the pictures and posters of  legends.. In the corner, was a set with a set of few guitars, a mike and a sound system, but all left dead. No one was there to give them a life.
We had ordered our dinner. The order was noted by probably the owner of the restaurant, who was probably in his early 30s, his loose attire and an impressive language skill made him look cool. We had almost the half of our dinner when i saw someone entering the premises and heading towards the set of instruments. He was a fair man, not so tall, with grey eyes, curly short hair and his attire endorsed ADIDAS.
I guessed he was the guitarist and i wasn't wrong. HE WAS THE GUITARIST. He checked the sound system & the guitar strings, with the owner guiding him (which assured me that the person who had taken the order, was the owner, and had a gr8 interest 4 music). He started with the song, 'leaving on a jet plane'. I was impressed..i knew that this sunday dinner i ll cherish for long, as music makes my mood and the sound of the guitar, especially works like a drug for me! The second song was the FIFA official theme song..he requested for our participation and to sing along with him. I loved that song, 'Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason, take me higher'..and i wanted to sing aloud with him. and also wanted to sway with the music standing, But Ahmdbd crowd is not so cool and would have contemplated that i am mentally unsound had i stood up to dance. But nevertheless i did clap with the song and i was alone to do that in the whole restaurant. The guitarist gave me a smile as the return for the encouragement that i provided him :) . The songs kept comin one after the other with claps following them. And i didn't want to leave and hence ended up eating more.

I wish to have more such dinners with the sound of guitar,  the soothing voice of that guitarist and close ones around. For sure, i ll spend more of my hard earned bucks in Six Strings, food, music and happiness!!(sigh)