Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This one is for the sleepaholics..

A close friend said to me "People go to sleep, and you go to wake up"..Man! what the heck? Am i such a sleepaholic?

Well, i guess sleep is something that keeps reminding us that we need it until we have it completely. And that's the matter with me. I dun have it enough at a stretch and the slothful feeling, the temptation to sleep keeps whispering to me "hey girl, sleep, u need a good sleep, it ll show u dreams which will take you to the places you most wanted to go, be with people you most want to be with, have the special(est) moments of your life which you can't otherwise experience". Now tell me, who can resist such a temptation?

Woody Allen has quoted "There are two types of people in this world, good and bad. The good sleep better, but the bad seem to enjoy the waking hours much more.". Well, i think i belong to the second fraternity ,'the bad people', as i hate to sleep early and keep pleading god in the morning if he could start the mornings a lil later. :D. I relish the sweet dreams in the mornings and mostly wake up with them half- way when my alarm starts barking reminding me of the long span of 22 hours that have to be passed consciously or unconsciously to get into the same titillating dreams again.:-(

There is another way i use my sleep as; I use it as a drug! Believe me or not, i sleep when i am most depressed or when i think deeply about a dispiriting event or a conversation. When i wake up, i have the blurred memories of those. I have a new spirit to start with & a new strength to confront them. Try it guys! You will see the results too (but dun kill me later, if u get addicted to it :P). 

Stop stop!! I had not thought i would be stretching it so much that it becomes the longest post for the month, i wrote it coz even now, i am feeling sleepy (as usual). My job is great. Atleast it doesnt stop me from taking a nap, which i will do now! Ciao guys, see u later after a break..till then have a good sleep for a fresher mind..zzzzzzzzz~~~~


  1. The world would be a better place,if the devil sleeps......zzzzzzzz

  2. the devil will listen to its master..

  3. zzzzzzzzzz so sleepy to read this sleepy blog....ur bad habbits u have bloged a sleep is a sleep is a sleep is a slip...shit sleep...