Monday, February 21, 2011

Ajmal Kasab - The Great Pakistani Guest in India

Its been 2 years to the 26*11 attack on our National Pride by Pakistani invaders. They killed hundreds, burnt the rooms of Taj, blasted at the Mumbai CST, fired at Leopolds, the renowned cafe at Colaba in Mumbai, made a history in India terror attacks, led to the death of  very efficient police officers Ashok Kamte and Mumbai Police “encounter specialist” Vijay Salaskar...and still the criminals are being served as guests in India. Ajmal Kasab, who didn't hesitate to kill innocent families in Taj has become such a VIP guest of India Government that till date a sum of Rs. 50 crores have been spent on hospitality for him.

The useless Congress sitting in Delhi will keep making policies one after the other, will keep giving useless promises which even an infant knows won't ever be fulfilled but they will never act when needed. They can only keep saying, "Under a coalition framework, we can't act independently." What the hell are you saying you idiots?? We citizens have elected you to take correct decisions and not just to sit back, eat money, enjoy scandals and have MLA parties with bar dancers. Congress should know that if citizens can elect them, citizens can throw them out of their seats too. And Manmohan Singh even after crossing an age of 78 has not yet grown up enough to lead the country. Sonia Gandhi is his mom, who herself is clueless about economy, and political management. Just with the last name as Gandhi, she can't anymore win the people of India. It's time we all realize the truth and work for dissolving Congress. Economy is a far off thing for Congress, they don't even have the wisdom to decide if Kasab should die or not.


  1. We need more people to think like this....Indians sit back and relax until something happens to themselves

  2. Cmon now, you should know that Kasab is a Muslim which automatically qualifies him as a secularist. Hanging Kasab will therefore amount to hanging a co-secularist, thereby enraging the "secular" media due to which the Congress will lose its Muslim vote-bank, and thereby Rahul will lose UP. This will cause the Gandhi family to become irrelevant in Indian politics and the fall of the great secular party of more than 100 years. Which will trigger the country going to the "Hindutva dogs"...

    Now you do not want that, do you?

  3. What? Kasab qualified to be a secularist? Killing Indians for Islam, is that called secularism??
    How does Congress become secular if they arent able to do justice neither to Hindus nor to Muslims? They are useless. And another thing, whom do you call Hindutva dogs? The BJP? Under whose control, terrorism was minimal and there were lesser scams? At least normal people could live an easier and affordable life