Friday, February 4, 2011

Sandals – a Woman’s new best friend!!

Diamonds were known to be a woman’s best friend….and they still are. But it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Sandals, which though don’t cost as much as diamonds are quickly taking over women’s hearts as they are much easy to possess and they make you look chick and beautiful and enhances your personality. And above all, you don’t have to wait to be gifted a pair!

It is a fact undeniable that we can identify the personality of a person by their choice of shoes or sandals. Say for example, a woman who prefers high heels over casual sandals normally have a more dominant personality than the ones who prefer casual and flat sandals (P.S: High heels may also be preferred for enhancing the heights of short women, in this case this observation may not hold true).  Women who wear more of strappy sandals are more elegant and classy. In the same way, the ones who prefer more colorful sandals than a restricted choice of colors are more lively and experimenting than the latter ones who are more adamant and who are stringent followers of their rules and principles.
The sandals, which were just a matter of necessity a decade back have now become a new buzz in the fashion industry with so many patterns, colours and shapes that they make it impossible for women to put their eyes off them. The sandals come in all ranges; the students, the professionals, housewives, all may have their own collection with the prices that suit them. It’s just a myth that we can find the most comfortable sandals only in posh show-rooms; even the hawkers or road-side shops can have a collection of most fashionable + comfortable ones. The secret lies behind the choice!

 Anytime is a good time to spice up your attire or even the entire wardrobe with interesting sandals that suit your personality and give you comfort. Personally, I would suggest never buy a sandal just because one of your friends is wearing it and it looks awesome on them. It may turn awful for you only to make you regret later! Possess a sandal only when you think they will make you walk around like the real you. 

So, pick up a sandal that can add life to your attire and which can carry your precious feet as they deserve…And you are good to go!


  1. Absolutely true!!! I soooo agree with you... :)

  2. It must be the same for all girls...:)

  3. write something about me!!u have good observing power..