Monday, May 16, 2011

Perfection is a Myth, and humans are for real

Perfection is a myth. It's an idea, an imagination, a thought or probably a deception that makes people compare it with reality. This imagination leads to expectations, and eventually to complaints and quarrels amongst our own selves and with others.

The truth remains that humans are no myth; they can struggle to reach perfection but it's simply not possible. That's because the idea of perfection is different for each individual.

The solution is acceptance. Trying to change someone before accepting is too much to ask, but accepting and changing leads to the real change. Humans are driven by emotions, work, environment they have been brought-up in, family background, education and little minute things in their daily lives. These variables are too dynamic and affect a little of a person's behaviour. But that doesn't judge a person as a whole.

Humans are capable of change and for better, provided they are not judged every second and they are freed of intense expectations.