Friday, May 28, 2010

creating something

So now when m settled in a job which i was long waiting for, its the time to jump to somethings unexplored! The first activity i wanna take up in the coming weeks is learning guitar which i have been longing for past 1 yr. The sound of guitar gives me immense pleasure and goose bumps. And since childhood, i have loved everything that gives me an extreme feeling, be it watching a horror movie which scares me, to be swinging on fast rides which tickles me, or be it dance which energizes me.

Also, i want to join a class on creative writing to enable myself to have a broader vision of this world and to be able to express myself more exhaustively. Trust me, there is no better feeling than to create something, just as a mother creates a baby! All of us should create something everyday, be it a write-up, a song, a poetry, a painting, or whatever. Something that u can say that u have created and which only you own. Few days ago, i wrote few poetries just to pass time and today when i turn the pages back to them, i feel glad that i wrote them.

One of them is here..
I'm happy... I'm feeling glad.
I got sunshine in a bag
I'm useless...but not for long....
my comin on... is comin on... :)
I was cynical, loved to follow my brain
But god sent a messenger to hold my life’s chain
He pulled me here, he pushed me there
In the end, I knew what I did gain
Desires are endless
So is our soul
We get a short life
Let’s not make it a black hole
We are the sunshine
Let’s cover the cloud
Keep the brain aside
Let the heart shout aloud

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