Saturday, June 19, 2010

writing is fun!

Writing is turning out to be great fun! For people who can't express much by talking, writing is the best medicine and the best means of expression. I tasted writing for the first time in the year 2007 when i had joined the co. Info Analytica as a content writer. After that i did my MBA in finance and worked for Axis Bank Ltd for 6 months. While working for the bank, i got to know my weaknesses and strengths. I found that i suck at doing mechanical work where you can't create anything and just have to do what u r ordered to.

For me, creating something when i work was most important. And what can be better than creating a piece of writing that you can own. Trust me, i haven't read any book on creative writing, etc. nor does reading too many books fascinate me. But since childhood, i had this fascination towards learning English language perfectly. While leaving my first job in Info Analytica, my boss told me "Roshni, i think this is the career for you!", but i thought he must be kidding n i just moved ahead to pursuing my MBA. But later , i realized that writing is what attracts me and keeps me happy. So why not make it my career!

Writing is of different genre, some like technical wriitng, some like creative and abstract writing. For me, i m still exploring what kind of writing i am perfect at. But i am happy that i have realized what actually i should be doing rather than trying trial and error method anymore. Truly said :"Better late than never".

This year would be devoted by me in improving my writing skills, reading few books on writing such as Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, Write from the Heart : Unleashing the Power of Your Creativity by Hal Zina Bennet and some more.

Imaginations help us grow and our ideas grow. And luckily, God has gifted me a good imagination power which i have to learn to put into words perfectly. I will keep updating my blog with whatever new and interesting i learn about writing skills. Till then, ciao.!

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