Friday, May 28, 2010


Relationships..hah!! a simple word but has multiple meanings. sounds good but tough to handle with some.So how do we define a RELATIONSHIP? Technically it means "a state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection)" or "State of relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption". These technical meanings look so easy to read and understand but practically they r equally difficult to maintain.

People have numerous friends, partners, family relatives, teachers, etc etc who they create relationships with. Each bonding can be called a relationship but the actual test is that of maintaining these wonderful relations. God gifted relations of that of a mom n kid, a father n son, those of siblings r mutually maintained but what about the ones that r made by us? the ones that we opt by choice? the ones of friends, our partners, our colleagues, etc?

Till date what i have learned is that relationships are the play of words and deeds. Some people r more sensitive towards words and some towards our actions. If we keep a check over these two variables and use them with care, every relationship can turn beautiful. On the other hand, if we take anyone for granted and speak and do just anything ignoring the other's feelings, it is bound to break. I feel happy about those who have long term relations out of understanding and friendship. I have observed that partners who r more friendly make better partners than partners who r partners out of mere attraction. A friendly relationship would blossom even when the attraction is gone.

People have break-ups, they move on, look for other partners, but somewhere at the back of their minds, they r left with some shadows of their ex partners. This shows how effective even a small and a short-term relation can be. Slowly you forget the bad shades of ur ex and the good ones make u smile every now and then. This is the fragrance of relationships.

Relationships are precious. Through this blog, i only want to spread a message that do not take anyone for granted be it your mom, dad, sis, bro, friends or your partner. And if someone takes you for granted and speaks shit to you, it is also important to immediately make them realize in your own ways of what they r doing. Its not bad to be selfish at times. Be good but only till the limit people understand your goodness. Anyways in the end i want to add that everyone wants to feel special, everyone needs to be cared, everyone loves to smile, everyone wants to be nurtured with love. Make every relationship special and the life will be a beautiful journey with lots of smiles.:)

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  1. I came across your blog today and read almost all the posts... I could observe that most of your posts resembles to what I have written or I am willing to write. I also had many posts which revolves around many topics shared by you and up to some extent have similar thoughts as well... but hats off to are certainly a better writer...