Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On love....

Being in love is being with God...For me, the Word Love , is the most common yet the most vulnerable word. It has different meanings for different people. People take the word to suit their own personalities and needs and what becomes the culprit is this beautiful word LOVE. Love is eternal, and once in love, you will carry the feeling for lifetime.

For some, love is to care, for some love is to fight and patch up with a hug, for some it is to be wild...for some its a complete sense of belonging and to some it means to be present physically. Many websites, many books, many authors and many psychologists have tried to define the word "Love" but it still remains a mystery. Why does it so happen that a person falls for two at a time...Why does it so happen that even after being in love with a person for years, they leave each other thinking about the repercussions in long-term? Why do other forces bother the lovers? The society, religion, region...etc etc...why do they all matter? I wish there had been no society of barriers...

Love shows you sky..It gives you butterflies in stomach before a meet...Love makes you beautiful..You start loving yourself....The World looks small, the sky looks reachable..Your dreams get new colours...You become a nicer person....That's the effect of love...Love is the prettiest feeling....and if a person whom you love departs...the best thing is to smile with love again...The memories you have formed while being in love are not worth giving up. Thank the person who has given you a chance to feel those beautiful feelings which not everyone is blessed with. Love is so universal, it exists in humans, animals, plants and even food.

I thank all the people who have made me feel 'LOVE'...And I will never try to define "Love" as it still is the most vulnerable yet beautifulest feeling in the universe.

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