Thursday, January 27, 2011

And then it became sacred....


Some people look for commitments, security and assurance in their partners.
That doesn't let the Love remain pure, unconditional and holy.  
Let's Love as if there is no death, let's make Love immortal and ageless, unconditional Love without the need for a tag of marriage or a certificate, Love that prevails forever...Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliet...Love of that kind...Love that is true....Do thank the almighty if you ever had the privilege of feeling this feeling at all, whether or not you could be together....The feeling of ...
SACRED LOVE for that special someone...
shout out your LOVE and gift a hug to your valentine.
by guest writer
Roshni Agarwal


  1. man and woman are social animal and it is necessary to be in the social frame, the traditions and hooks framed by the elders should be there...

  2. Dear Ananymous,

    I agree to what you say but all that I mean is Love should not be sacrificed for traditions and framed hooks. Love should be accepted in all forms. And the other thing is that the elders should understand love as it is and shouldn't enter personal interests in the love of their children. It's their life and they r the ones who have the right to decide on their lives. And the most important thing is it is not necessary that you have to part ways with your family if you love someone not of their choice. A mutual solution should be thought of..

  3. Nice! Twas great to see you at GapingVoid. An inteersting blog out here. Keep it up!