Friday, August 13, 2010

The 'sale' season and Shopping!

So now that the shopping season was at its all time high for all the delicious and mouth-watering discounts that almost all the brands had to offer, the ever-hungry-for-new-clothes women (i m one of them) had a ball of time and money. What can be better than getting a levi's for half the price of its original MRP and to have a Tommy watch at a comparatively lower price? The sale season somehow makes everyone feel that they are smart buyers though there is a hidden message contained in them, "Fools, we are making profits even after giving huge discounts, imagine how we loot you with full prices!". But there is something about shopping that is emotional, and addictive which makes everyone blind and crave for more.

 For me, new things bring new expressions. Each thing in my wardrobe has a memory attached to it. And when i am too bored of everything, the best way to keep myself afresh is to buy something new, even if it has least value, but to have it and create new memories with it brings an excitement. Just as we have memories with some songs or places, we have something to remember with the clothes, accessories, things, and even furniture of our house.

The sale season is going to be over soon and I will make the best use of the season knowing that the deals would be better but not the best. Happy Shopping!

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